How do I set up my shop and which products can I add?

Set up your shop in three easy steps. We are also available to walk you through each step if you want advice along the way. We can help you find the best assortment, upload your art, select your colors and finalize the details so your shop can open for business.

Upload your Logo & Select Colors

Upload the logo you would like to appear on your merchandise and choose your organization's colors.

Choose Products

Choose the products from our vast inventory offering that you think will best represent your organization. We manufacture everything we offer in the U.S., so we can produce it fast with no minimums or inventory worries.

Submit your Store Request

Submit your request and one of our team specialists will reach out to you to finalize the details and answer any questions you might have. Building a store can be done in just a few days after we receive your information. We just need to confirm the logo, artwork and specifications and your shop is up and running.

There are no limitations to your product assortment. You can select apparel styles, glassware or other items from our selection to cater to members of your organization.

How do sales commissions work?

We pay a 20 percent commission on all sales generated from your store after orders for the store have reached $500.00 The initial non-commissioned sales on the $500 pays for site set-up and digitizing and protects us if sales do not reach the $500 mark. Please contact us to discuss the set up of your store and any additional terms.

How do I receive payments?

We offer payment through PayPal or a company check. We send payments via PayPal to the email provided at set up or a specified email address. Alternately, we will mail a company check with commission payments.

Can I decline commissions and operate a no-commission store to have the savings passed on to the customer?

Our system is set up to aid fundraising. We cannot pass the discount on to the customer. This ensures consistent pricing across the site and the best service we can provide to you and your organization. We suggest that funds are put toward future projects.

How do I contact you for help?

We are here to offer any assistance and answer any questions. Please visit our Customer Service Page here:

You can also contact us directly through any of these means:

Send inquiries via email to

Express Design Group, Inc.

6 Commerce Drive

Freeburg, IL 62243

Toll Free 1-877-462-7874

Local: 618-539-9998

How do I add products with my custom embroidered logo to my store?

You choose the products and we do the rest. Select the products and apparel you like, upload your logo and load the store with your awesome new items. We will contact you to confirm all specifications on embroidered logos, as well as other items, to ensure that all artwork is correct and to provide proofs representing how it will appear on each style.

Can I password protect my store?

No, we are unable to password protect stores. This provides the best storefront experience for all members of your organization.

Why buy from Spirit Gear?

Spirit Gear has a wide selection of apparel and other merchandise that is made to order in the United States. All merchandise is customizable to the logo and colors specified to suit your team or organization. Spirit Gear makes all of its merchandise in the United States. Spirit Gear tracks each order and handles production, fulfillment, shipping and payment details through a secure site using YAHOO's secure servers. You don't have to track each member down to confirm size, style, quantity and other details. You don't have to collect money, send the order or distribute the order when it arrives.

How do I place an order?

Visit the Go Shopping page and look for your School, Group or club in the drop down. That link will take you to your shopping page. From there you can select your style, size and provide any additional details.

Is it safe to use my credit card on this site?

For your security, all credit card processing is done through YAHOO's secure server. We destroy all credit card information after 30 days.

Also, our secure socket layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions.

Our system, using SSL software, encrypts all of your personal information including credit card number, name and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

Safety in Numbers: With our Secure Servers hosted with Yahoo! Shopping, you are one of millions of users every year who choose us to shop with! Our volume speaks to the trust customers have with us.

Is there a minimum order to purchase?

Just one!